Manage Virtual Memory (Pagefile) In Windows 10

Virtual Memory (Pagefile) in Windows 10. Windows is having the Virtual Memory concept where the Pagefile is a hidden system file having a .SYS extension which usually resides on your system drive (generally C:\ drive). This Pagefile permits the system with additional memory for dealing with workloads smoothly in conjunction with RAM. What is Virtual Memory (Pagefile)?RAM (Random Access Memory); but as there becomes a shortage of RAM space for your program to run, Windows for the time being moves those programs that were meant to store usually in RAM to a specific location on your hard disk called the Paging File. The quantity of information momentarily accumulated in that paging file employs the concept of Virtual Memory. As we all know, the more the RAM size (for example 4 GB, 8 GB

How to Mirror Android Screen to your PC without Root

Do you want to mirror Android screen to your PC without rooting your phone? Well, the process of remotely sharing one device’s screen to another device is called screen mirroring. Talking about mirroring your Android’s screen on your PC, there are many apps available to make this task easier for you. These apps allow you to share screens wirelessly or via USB and you don’t even need to root your android for that. Mirroring your Android’s screen on your PC has a few potential uses like you can watch videos stored on your phone on the big screen of your PC even without having to copy them. Last minute and you want to present your device’s content on the projector connected to your PC? Tired of having to pick up your phone every time it beeps while working on your computer? There can’t b

Where is the Startup folder in Windows 10?

Windows 10 or Windows 8, it is no longer available in the Start Menu. If the user needs to find the startup folder in Windows 10, then they will need to have the exact folder location. Where is the Startup folder in Windows 10?create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.Startup Folder TypesBasically, there are two types of start folder in windows, first startup folder is a generic folder and it is common for all the users of the system. Programs inside this folder will also be the same for all the user of the same computer. The second one is user dependent and program inside this folder will vary from one user to another user depend on their choices for the same computer.Microsoft edge and Microsoft Word will get launched. So, this is a clear example of a user-specific

How to Change the System Language in Windows 10

Windows 10 on your system. It could be possible that you are not comfortable with the current system language and want to change it. However, you need to make sure that you always first check your current system language, which is by default set while you install Windows 10 Operating system. Why Would You Change the System Language in Windows 10?Before we jump into the instructions of changing the system language, we need to gauge some reasons for changing it. Why would anyone change the default system language?1 – If your friends or relatives coming to your place are not familiar with the current system language of your system, you can instantly change the language so that they can easily work on it.2 – If you bought a used PC from a shop and found that you do not understand the current

How to View Saved Password in Chrome

How to View Saved Password in Chrome: There are lots of internet sites which require login credentials. It is really a tough task to remember so many password for different-different sites. For better user experience chrome gives the option “Do you want to store the password” whenever you input credentials for any websites. If you opt this option, the password will get saved in the chrome and it automatically suggests the password at every next login attempt at the same site. How to View Saved Password in ChromeStep 1: Sign-in and sync to the Google ChromeFirst login into Google Chrome with your Gmail credentials. Once you get logged in into the chrome, you can view the saved password from different sites. You can follow the steps below to sign-in to Google Account on Chrome.1.First,

Use Chrome Components to Update Individual Components

Use Chrome Components to Update Individual Components: Most of us use Google Chrome as our default browser and nowadays it has become a synonym of the internet. Google is also trying to improve the user experience, they continuously update chrome. This update happens in the background and usually, the user does not have any idea regarding this. What are Chrome Components?Chrome components are present for better functionality of Google Chrome and to improve the user experience. Some of the chrome components are:Adobe Flash Player.RecoveryWidevine Content Decryption ModulePNaClNetflix videos in your browser. This component comes in the picture because it gives a permit to plays video which has Digital Rights. If this component is not updated, your Netflix might give the error.Similarly

Create Fillable Forms in Microsoft Word

MS word that we can use to create fillable forms. Create Fillable Forms in Microsoft WordStep 1 – You need to enable Developer TabTo start with creating a fillable form in Word, you need to first enable Developer. When you open Microsoft Word file, you need to navigate to File section > Options > Customize Ribbon > Tick mark the Developer option in right side column to activate the Developer option and finally click OK. Once you will click on OK, Developer tab will be populated on the header section of the MS Word. Under this option, you will be able to get control access of eight options such as Plain Text, Rich Text, Picture, Checkbox, Combo Box, DropDown List, Date Picker, and Building Block Gallery. Step 2 – Start Using OptionsUnder the control setting, you have

Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts In Windows 10 and login with your Google Account credentials. Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts In Windows 10The only problem with Google drive is that it allows only one drive account to be synced on a device. But, if you have multiple Google drive accounts active, you will probably want to sync all of them. And yes, there are ways you can do so, that is, by accessing folders of multiple accounts through one main account or by using a third-party app.Method 1: Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts using Folder SharingSharing folders of different accounts with one main account will sort your problem of syncing multiple accounts on your desktop. The share feature of the drive will let you do this. Follow the given steps if you need to sync multiple Google drive accounts in one.Goog

Refresh Web Pages Automatically in your Browser

Refresh Web Pages Automatically in your Browser: Are you one of those users who manually click the refresh button or right-click and refresh a web page in order to be the first guy to buy something precious on Black Friday Sale? Or, you want to check the result of any examination. Such a situation is not often but yes, every year you need to become a pro in refreshing your page for getting the updates of any product in e-commerce sites. At times, you might need to have an automatic refresh mechanism for a webpage and having a long refresh countdown can be greatly demoralizing. These types of tasks can be quickly done using some of the pre-existing tools and extensions available for different web browsers. In this article, you will learn about these extensions and add-ons of some of th

Test your Computer’s RAM for Bad Memory

Test your Computer’s RAM for Bad Memory: Are you experiencing a problem with your PC, especially the performance issues and blue screen? There is a chance that RAM is causing a problem for your PC. Though it is a rare occurrence when RAM causes a problem you need to check. Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the most essential components of your PC therefore whenever you experience some problems in your PC, you should test your Computer’s RAM for bad memory in Windows. For a non-technical guy, it would be a difficult task to diagnose the RAM error. Therefore, we should start with finding the symptoms of RAM problems so that we can move forward and check RAM. Symptoms of RAM Errors1 – Your system freezes for a few minutes and it starts taking time to open particular programs. Sometim